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My name is Vanessa, and Haute Kids is my newest baby (to add to my two human babies Will and Anna, and fur baby Harold).

The idea of Haute Kids came to me when I was in the process of starting a new kids clothing brand, and was looking at some of the top designers for inspiration. This is when I fell in love with the kids range of designer clothes available, and decided I had to bring this fashion to everyone.

I’ve had countless people say to me since starting down this path “I didn’t even know Dolce & Gabbana did kids clothing”. Well they do – and it’s amazing!

Why designer clothes?

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to fast fashion for kids, and to be honest this range of clothing makes up a large percentage of my kids’ wardrobes.  

Fast fashion has a role to play given how quickly kids grow out of clothing, and also given they can engage in messy play on a regular basis.  However, for special events and those times you are just “wanting something different”, the top designers have an amazing range of gorgeous kids garments that are the envy of many adults.  

Each brand has its own unique stamp – be it D&G’s beautiful bright florals, or Fendi’s iconic FF print, there is no mistaking a designer piece.  

I love how beautifully crafted each designer garment is, and how absolutely gorgeous little boys and girls look when they rock it.  

Being designer, these garments come at a much higher price, which in the world of “wear it once, and then grow out of it”, means a big investment is required with little return.  

This is the whole reason behind Haute Kids – bringing top designer fashion at a small fraction of the retail price, and with the added bonus of not getting the guilts by having an expensive item just sitting in the cupboard never to be worn again.  

I’m also hoping to do my bit to help with sustainable fashion, as a garment rented is one less garment purchased to end up in landfill.  

The concept of renting also opens up the opportunity for discussion with our little ones about sustainable ways to consume fashion, as planet friendly choices should never go out of fashion!

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